P.E./Sports Teams


Here at St. John’s we understand the importance of having proper exercise in your student(s) life. My goal is to have everyone understand the key role that exercise plays in their life. We will discuss how to exercise, how to eat right, and how to stay healthy throughout their life.

This year we will be conducting both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. I ask that you send your student(s) to school with a pair of tennis shoes that they can leave in their locker. Having proper footwear plays a major role in both preventing injuries and ensuring comfort during the activities.

Grading will be conducted daily on preparedness, attitude, and participation. Your student(s) can receive a maximum of 5 points a day. The breakdown is as follows:

5 points- Always shows up prepared, follows directions immediately, and participates fully

4 points- Regularly Shows up prepared, follows directions mostly, and participates fully

3 points- Sometimes shows up unprepared, follows directions usually, and participates frequently

2 points- Rarely shows up prepared, hardly follows directions, and fails to participate mostly

1 point- Never shows up prepared, fails to follow directions, refuses to participate


Additionally, grades 3-8 will take a physical fitness test during the second week consisting of 1 minute of pushups, 1 minute of sit-ups, and a 1 mile run. Grades K-2 will have a physical reference test that will consist of basic strength.

I encourage you to talk to your children about their experiences in P.E. If you would like to talk to me, please contact the SJOCS office at (907) 696-3920 and we’d be more than happy to facilitate a face to face meeting. However, I encourage you to refer to this letter for grading standards and class rules.

I look forward to teaching this year and encouraging your student(s) to continue their physical fitness.


Thank you,

Josiah Streff

Physical Education Teacher



P.E. – Mr. Josiah Streff





Soccer – Mr. Dan Jenkins (coach) and Mrs. Laura Frizelle (Athletic Director)

Basketball – Fr. John Rogers